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With Pass-Through Connector and tilt swivel. 2 keys included. Visible home button.

This Car Cradle Mount is to be used when you want to secure your iPad and still have it easy accessable. The Car Cradle Mount is crashtested and approved for use on Brodit's headrest mount.
The Car Cradle Mount is also perfect for use in stores, at exhibitions and any place where you want to use your iPad without having it easy removable. The Car Cradle Mount is made of extra strong plastic and is equipped with a lock. In order to remove the iPad from the Car Cradle Mount you need the key, two keys are included.  The home button is accessible when the iPad is in the Car Cradle Mount. All cables that can be used with the iPad can also be used with the Car Cradle Mount, for example a charging cable or an interface cable. When you have attached the cable to the Car Cradle Mount it is firmly in place and you do not have connect it manually to the iPad each time you put it in the Car Cradle Mount. (Cable not included)
The Car Cradle Mount is mounted onto a tilt swivel. This means that you can adjust the angle in order to avoid light reflection on the screen. You can easily switch between portrait and landscape mode by turning the Car Cradle Mount into desired position.
Tablets should not be installed onto a car's dashboard if blocking the view or key controls. Proclip Car Bracket Mount is designed for use with smaller devices like smartphones. If you want to place a tablet onto a dashboard, each combination of tablet-car must be examined in detail by yourself in order to determine if such an installation is possible in the specific case. Brodit will not give any recommendations for such installations. An installation of a tablet onto a vehicle's dashboard is always done on the customer's own responsibility. Brodit recommends using tablets on the car's headrest, installed onto a Brodit headrest mount.
Crash Test film!

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These are detailed fitting Instructions for the Brodit Mount for your Apple iPad New (3rd Gen) MP3 Player. This is how you fit your Car Cradle Mount with lock. mount onto your Proclip Car Bracket Mount. Full Instructions also come with your mount.

Please read all of the instructions and look at the pictures before attaching the Car Cradle Mount.

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1. Loosen the screw in the center of the Car Cradle Mount so you can remove the tilt swivel attaching plate on the back. Place the attaching plate onto the desired position. Screw the attaching plate into place with the enclosed screws. Place the Car Cradle Mount over the attaching plate so the screw fits in the hole in the tilt swivel. Tighten the screw firm at first, then loosen it a bit so the Car Cradle Mount is firmly in place, but still can be adjusted.

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2. To place the device in the Car Cradle Mount: Place the lower part of the device in the Car Cradle Mount, then flip/press the upper part forwards so it snaps into place in the Car Cradle Mount. Carefully, slide the device sideways into the Car Cradle Mount so you hear/feel it snaps into place. To lock the Car Cradle Mount: slide the lock sideways onto the left part of the Car Cradle Mount. Press the button to lock.

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3. To unlock the Car Cradle Mount: Use the enclosed key to open the lock. Remove the lock. To remove the device from the Car Cradle Mount: Slide it to the left then press upwards on the upper part of the Car Cradle Mount, in the same time pull the upper part of the device out from the Car Cradle Mount and then lift the device up and out from the Car Cradle Mount.

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4. The Car Cradle Mount is in place.

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