Brodit Motorola T 1000 Charger for Two Way Radio #982467

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For use with NiCd or NiMH batteries.

The Vehicle Charging Cradle is custom made for a perfect fit. The cradle holds a two-way radio in an upright position for better reception. Each has a cigarette lighter charging cord permanently attached to the cradle with built in contact points for the battery. Utilizing a Delta-V charging technique, the cradle provides rapid and trickle charging. The Vehicle Charging Cradle can accommodate original battery sizes for a variety of two-way radios. Each cradle has a number of features such as a security timer, overheat sensor, and LED indicator to show that charging is in progress. The indicator changes from red to green when fully charged. Attach onto a Proclip Car Bracket Mount Mounting Platform.

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These are detailed fitting Instructions for the Brodit Mount for your Motorola T 1000 Two Way Radio. This is how you fit your Charger for Two Way Radio mount onto your Proclip Car Bracket Mount. Full Instructions also come with your mount.

General discription: - Stops on minus delta V - Timer for maximum charging time - Possibility of temperature-control with NTC-resistor - LED status changes when battery is maximum charged Specifications: Input voltage: 10-30 V Max. charging time: 160 min Fast charging current: 730 mA +/-5% Trickle charge: 6% of maximum fast charging current Restart: Possible. Only with an exact number of cells Battery voltage: 7,2 V Number of cells: 6 Serial diode in battery: Yes Quiesent current: 50 mA at trickle charge

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