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Tilt swivel mount.

The choice for you who prefer to have your GPS device within easy sight and reach attached onto the dashboard instead of in the windshield. The product consists of a tilt swivel mount and a MultiMoveClip that replaces the original mount.

You can easily take you device with you when leaving the car. A charging cable can be connected to the device when it is in place in the mount. You can adjust the angle of the device in order to avoid light reflection. Attach the mount onto a Proclip Car Bracket Mount Mounting Platform.

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These are detailed fitting Instructions for the Brodit Mount for your TomTom Via 130 GPS. This is how you fit your Mounting Accessories mount onto your Proclip Car Bracket Mount. Full Instructions also come with your mount.

Please read all of the instructions and look at the pictures before attaching the mount.

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1. Remove the original assembly/arm that includes the suction cup: Push the suction cup assembly/arm rightwards into a horizontal position. Lift/bend the suction cup assembly/arm so the ball joint eases out of the cup in which it sits.

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2. Attach the mount onto your device: Hold the mount horizontally and hook the ball into the hole on the back of your device. Turn the mount into vertical position so it locks/hooks into place in the device. Place the MultiMoveClip onto the desired position and screw into place with the enclosed screws.

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3. Put the device in place: Slide the device straight downward into the MultiMoveClip so you hear/feel it snaps into place. Remove the mount: Press the latch on the MultiMoveClip (accessed through the hole of the mount) and press/lift the mount straight upward and out of the MultiMoveClip.

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4. The mount is in place.

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